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Finance Your Project: The Easiest Way To Access Top Project Financiers That Curreny Allocating 1 Billion Dollars Into Viable Projects

Now you can get free access, to project financiers, who are ready and willing, to fund your projects, and are currently allocating at least 1 billion dollars per month, into projects worldwide.

They will accept most shovel-ready projects worldwide, provided that they fit the project finance concept and model.

You might be wondering, what does  the project finance model look like?
Well, our unique project finance structure, delivers risk-mitigated, long-term returns,  for our project financiers, and leaves project principals who are borrowing from project financiers, free and clear of any financial liability, whatsoever.
Does your project qualify?
If so our registered investors would love to see it. But first, here’s how we qualify projects, that we believe are ready, to receive funding from our capital sources.

1. The project location is always worldwide, because we have both national and international project financiers

2. The project assured repayment, is done by presenting: an independent, and credible feasibility study, or types of off-take agreements, power purchase agreements, or operation management agreements or by a Bank Guarantee from an A-rated Bank.

3. The loan-to-value expectation can be up to 100%, and in most cases, the project will require an insurance wrap, as an additional risk mitigation solution.

4. The land site must be owned, or in the process of finalizing the acquisition, when funding is available.

5. EPC contracts must be signed, or in draft form waiting for a signature, after funding has been confirmed.

6. All applicable off-take agreements, power purchase agreements, and operation management agreements must be signed, or in draft form, waiting for signature upon funding.

7. The business plan and at least a 5-year financial projection, must be prepared and available.
Here are the types of projects that our project financiers prefer :
1. Commercial office projects.
2. Medical devices manufacturing project.
3. Bio-pharmaceutical projects.
4. Green Energy projects.
5. Hospital projects.
6. Multi-family Shovel ready construction projects
7. Single Use and Special purpose use.
The project sizes that our capital sources accept are from 30M to 60 Billion.
If you believe that your project meets our project basic qualifications, or have some questions, please don’t hesitate to submit your initial enquiry by clicking to button below.

You will be taken to our online intake form to complete a few basic details about your project, and we will get back to you immediately advising you of the next steps.

About  BUW Inc

We are a business consultancy firm that is focused on helping companies develop the necessary documents for presentation to capital sources. We work with our clients to prepare their project documents, research their industry and deliver a bullet-proof project plan and funding request.

We work directly with one of the largest private alternative national and global capital sources with registered project financiers that are looking for projects to fund.


Buw Inc

Regional Manager of PFX (Project Finance Exchange)

As a regional manager we will guide and help present your project story to our project financiers.

We are able to quickly confirm if your project is ready, for submission to our capital sources, or if it needs additional seasoning, which we will assist you to prepare.

144 Billions In Investible Funds Are Available To Allocate into Viable Project Worldwide

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